Sukkahville 2012 Design Competition

First Place
People’s Choice Award

This was a design collaboration with Daphne Dow. The purpose of this global design-build competition was to design a temporary, free standing Sukkah in Toronto, Ontario, on the eve of the Jewish holiday, Sukkot. A Sukkah serves as a meditative space built annually for the week-long holiday.

“Hegemonikon was the winning entry in this year’s Sukkahville competition. It was designed and built by Daphne Dow and Christina Zeibak, whose bios are posted here. They very aptly describe Hegemonikon as juxtaposing the rationalism of the cube on the complexities of human things. More concretely, they crafted an elegant cubed exterior punctuated by an implied circle that invites the viewer into a sumptuously curved and complex interior. I was struck by Daphne and Christina’s devotion to craft (they hand-cut the pieces with a jig saw,) their focused, careful approach to construction and the originality of their design. Daphne and Christina brought the curves (and the light) inside, and the result was so delightful I couldn’t get people to stay out of it while I took pictures.”
-Arthur Fish

Arthur Fish
Urban Toronto
Design Build Source
The Globe and Mail